Over the past couple of years Chris Young has certainly made a name for himself here in the UK. His early slot at the C2C concert in March 2014 may not have reached the entire audience as many drifted in during the Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry, but those who had arrived in to the arena early were in for a rocking treat!

Since then he’s performed at Shepherd’s Bush in September this year as well as other UK venues and has certainly built a strong following. Would be great to see him back at C2C and as a headline act, than a starting performer.

His 2013 album A.M had some cracking songs including Aw Naw, A.M and Nothing but the Cooler Left. To better this album he would really have to pull a couple of tricks out of the bag with some amazing songs. Did he manage to pull off the trick of following up a great album with an even better one?

Well his single release ‘I’m Coming Over’ is probably one of my personal favourites from Chris Young. It’s a strong song with a story almost everyone can relate too. A great start. His next single ‘I Know a Guy’ is equally as good. A typical story of boy lost girl and wants her back more than anything in the world, but a great piece of story-telling wrapped up in a powerful ballad that’ll have you singing along.

As you play through each song you just know the album is going to be played again and again. Moving through the songs like Think of You (with the great Cassadee Pope)…..

What’s more, as a unique accompaniment to the album, on Spotify you’ll find ‘I’m Coming Over – Stories Behind the Songs’. A playlist by Chris Young of the story behind each of the songs from the album, what they mean and how they come about. Imagine the extras at the end of a DVD where the director and actors talk about the movie, scenes and walkthroughs. A nice touch and worth a listen.


  • Heartbeat
  • I’m Comin’ Over
  • Think of You
  • You Do the Talkin’
  • I Know a Guy
  • Alone Tonight
  • Sunshine Overtime
  • Sober Saturday Night
  • Underdogs
  • Callin’ My Name
  • What If I Stay
Chris Young I’m Coming Over Album Review
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