Ilona is a Bulgarian born country singer that has relocated to the United Kingdom more than a decade ago. Her unique voice that combines old soul with a twist of modern country, has allowed her to rise quickly within the scene. Her talented tongue is able to speak four languages, giving a bit more culture and soul to her sound. Just three years ago, she was discovered by Tony Moore himself after touring the United States and United Kingdom.

She may be growing in popularity and has quite the unique sound, but she has yet to find a label that fits her stunning aura and sleek sound. She received a “Best Video” award for her song, “It’s 1966” at the Ladylake Independent Music Awards in the United States after reaching number 11 on the Beat 100 Video Charts. That’s not the only award she one, however, as she won an award from WAFA for her live rendition of “Love’s Like A Loaded Gun”

She began playing to packed venues in 2014 after fantastic reviews. It doesn’t stop there as she became an ambassador for Childline Rocks and is aiming to play more shows for said charity in the upcoming year.

In 2014, she also released an extended play titled, ‘Thunderstorm” along with a single from the EP titled, “Back To You” on May 18th 2014. This release actually reached number 2 for consecutive weeks on the Bulgarian charts, where she then sold out the Discovery Music Festival.  Talk about a great homecoming

While her voice is unique, there are some inspirational undertones in her sound that familiarize the listener to the likes of Karen Carpenter and Shania Twain, while remaining extremely unique at such a young age.

Other artists she’s had the pleasure of sharing the stage with are Jillian Jensen, Daniel Bedingfield, Miss 600, Hudson Taylor, and many more. The United States also hold a large chunk of her fans as she performed for their Safehouse at the London Olympics, however, this wasn’t the last time she would have a great time in London. Because of her growing popularity within this country, she went on a mini-tour in the state of New York and was able to play some of the most notable venues. She even released a Christmas single this past December. Ilona was able to perform at London’s very own C2C Festival and garnered an even bigger fanbase.

Lets get personal – Ilona’s backstory

Ilona was brought to the UK by her mother, a doctor, when Britain needed more medical professionals. Instead of dwelling on leaving her home, she decided to make the best of the music scene and immerse herself into her new life and newfound sound. Little did she know that this would help her skyrocket even further.

Despite originating anywhere near the mainstream US music scene, she has made quite an impact in the country, as well as the UK and her home of Bulgaria. We for sure will be seeing a ton more of Ilona in upcoming years.