While Maren Morris is young, she’s been putting herself out there for more than a decade, released her first album, Walk On, in June of 2005. Just two years later, she made a sophomore release titled All That It Takes. Born in Texas but raised in Nashville, this young talented woman is all country and not afraid to show it. After All That It Takes, she followed up with her third studio album, Live Wire in 2011. While slowing things down a bit, she released a self-titled EP on November 6, 2015.

Her self-titled EP allowed her to come in at number 27 on the Country Album charts and even number one on the Heatseekers Albums list after selling more than 2,000 copies in one week. This EP has begun skyrocketing her career, allowing her to be an opener on this years RipCord World Tour with Keith Urban.

Maren Morris, her self-titled, reached number 23 on the US Country charts, number 97 on the US charts in general, and number 1 on the US Heat chart. Even though the EP was released less than 6 months ago, it has sold more than 19,000 copies.

Maren has had quite the time of her life this year, being asked to play the C2C Aftershow Party alongside other talented names in London. Her set list included, “Sugar”, “I Wish I Was”, and inevitably, “My Church”.


The future

Maren Morris doesn’t plan to stop there are her newest album is already in the works and has released a single titled, “My Church”. This single sold more than 317,000 copies and is set to be released on the album Hero on June 3rd, 2016. This single has already made waves, landing at number 5 on the US Country chart, number 10 on the US Country Airplay charts, number 50 on the general US Charts, number 5 on the Canadian Country charts, and number 65 on the Canadian general charts. This current single has been so popular that she even released a music video directed by the talented Rachel McDonald.

Maren, the music maven Morris’ song, “My Church” is about how her version of church and faith is simply being happy in the car with the windows rolled down and the music blaring. She sets out to prove that contagious melodies can help save people just the same, if not more than religious architecture can.

By the age of twenty, Maren had built quite the resume with her successful releases and her love of the songwriting craft. Her inspiring catch: she didn’t want to just be a celebrity, but she wanted to be someone with that created a sound worthwhile and timeless. Maren Morris is all about quality, not quantity. It doesn’t matter how many thousands and thousands of fans she brings in; what matters is the quality of her sound and staying true to her vision.