We here at Nashville Music HQ had a chance recently to catch up with the awesome Emma Moore. For those not entirely familiar with Emma’s music then we have a video at the foot of this post. Emma’s another great example of an up and coming UK country music artist. Unique in her own style and way, driving her popularity, she is though one of a growing number of UK country musicians throwing their Stetson’s in to the ring. More than once we have kept banging on our ‘country music is growing in the UK’ drum. We repeat these same words over and over again for two reasons:

  1. To keep the rhythm going;
  2. Because sometimes we have to keep repeating these words for the reality of what’s now happening to sink in;

 It’s a good problem to have. Emma Moore is one of these growing stars. The music stars of tomorrow, literally. Let’s get started….



NM – Thanks Emma for taking the time to talk to us here at Nashville Music. So to start right at the beginning, what was it that originally got you in to country music?

EM: It was my mums influence mostly. She listened to a lot of Tammy Wynette and Dolly Parton so it was always on around the house. Luckily I was born in 1991 so I grew up on the amazing 90’s Country like Shania Twain, The Dixie Chicks and Lorrie Morgan.


NM – How did the journey start for you in to performing?

EM: I started taking singing seriously at about 16 when I joined a local theatre school, and studied Music and Performing Arts at College and then on through University. When I moved back home I started gigging and then the writing came later. I wrote my first song in March 2015 (Girls Should Do) and since then have barely stopped! It’s the single best decision I’ve ever made.


NM – What’s the name of your latest song/album and what was the inspiration behind it?

EM: My album debut album ‘Pilot’ was released in June this year, and it’s a collection of my favourite songs from my first year as a writer. It’s mostly inspired by my experiences in life, and observations of the world around me – with a dash of fiction. There really is something for any mood too, which I love. There are break up songs, love songs, drinking songs – all you could want from a Country album!


NM – What’s the best gig you’ve been to this year?

EM: So many! This year has been a big one, as I’ve seen a lot of artists I’ve looked up to for years. I was at Country2Country at the 02 in London and the whole weekend blew me away, particularly Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town and Chris Stapleton. That week was even more special as the night before I also saw Adele in Manchester. Her performance both emotionally and vocally was one of the most incredible things I’ve seen.  I don’t think I’ll ever have four days like that again in my life! A month later I saw my childhood heroes, The Dixie Chicks at Manchester and was mesmerised by the entire set. I think that’s the one I was most upset to see end, I could have stood there all night and sung along to everything they’ve ever recorded.


NM – Who’s your favourite country artists or bands right now?

EM: I am OBSESSED with Brandy Clark, particularly as a writer. She has a completely brilliant way of writing stories and I love her personality. I’m also listening to a lot of Ashley Monroe and finding every time I listen to her albums I find another hidden gem, be it one line or seeing a whole song in a new light.


NM – Which other country singer or band would you most like to meet?

EM: There are so many I’d love to talk to, but I think I’d just about manage a quick hello before becoming a quivering mess – I get nervous around people I look up to. But I have to say Brandy Clark. I haven’t been listening to her half as long as some others I’ve mentioned but something about her writing intrigues me more than all of them.


NM – What gig would you guys love to be able to rewind time and go perform again and why?

EM: My album launch! It was the first time I performed the album live and I had an incredible band with me. The audience was perfect – you could hear a pin drop during the three ballads I did, yet by the end of the night the cheers were almost scarily loud. It seemed to be over in a second so I’d love to do it all again and soak up every moment.


NM – Where can our Nashville Music readers come and see you perform this year?

EM: Liverpool is definitely the place to be – I’ll be there August 25th and November 4th supporting Tom Wright (25th) and Thorne Hill and Narn (4th) on their tour. I’m also in Essex August 28th, Birmingham on October 8th and back to Liverpool on January 28th.


NM – How can we find out more about Emma Moore?

EM: You can head to my website (emma-moore.co.uk) or find me and say hello on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @emmamoorecouk – All the information for the gigs above will be there, as well as others in-between those dates.