Country quintet Old Dominion has been making headway in the contemporary country scene. Rounding up from Nashville, Tennessee, they were named a band to watch in 2015 by not only Billboard, but also Huffington Post, and Rolling Stone. While they pay homage to old school country, they add their own modern twist in their 2015 hit album, Meat and Candy, released on RCA Records. They even had a number one single titled, “Break Up With Him” from the album.

Unlike many other bands, Old Dominion was created under the idea that each band member could showcase a song that they had written on their own, rather than having one lyricist and splitting up the parts equally. Their unique approach mixed in with their instrumentation style has allowed them to become a frontrunner in their respective genre.

Many may be wondering where they got their name from, and the origin is pretty simple. Each band member has ties to the good ‘ole state of Virginia, which is nicknamed Old Dominion. A country sound and feel, the band mates decided to use that as the name; so far, it’s worked wonders, allowing the band to brand their style with an equally unique image.

While they released a self-titled EP on October 7th, 2014 that had wild success, their first studio album Meat and Candy brought them even more. Their self-titled reached number 33 on the US Country Charts with more than 32,000 sales. That’s pretty incredible for a first EP, but that couldn’t prepare them for what Meat and Candy was about to bring one year later. Released on November 6th 2015, Meat and Candy reached number 3 on the US Country Charts, number 16 on the normal US charts and number 30 on the Canadian charts. Their sales for this album almost tripled, bringing in over 82,000 sales.

Their rise didn’t stop there as they were invited to the C2C Official Aftershow Party for the Brooklyn Bowl in London, bringing in international success. Country to Country is one of the biggest country music festivals that reach out to locations like London, Dublin, Stockholm, Oslo, and Glasgow with past supporting acts like Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, LeAnn Rimes, and many more.

Old Dominion has released two singles, one of which hit number 3 on the US Country charts titled, “Break Up With Him” and reached number one on the US Country Airplay chart. In both the United States and Canada, the single went certified gold selling more than 666,000 copies. Once again, it didn’t end there as their newest single, released just this year with it’s own video, “Snapback” has already reached number 10 on the US country charts and number 6 on the US Country Airplay charts while hitting it’s absolute best at number 2 on the Canadian Country charts. It has already sold more than 193,000 units in the United States.

We won’t see the end of Old Dominion for a while, as they’re just picking up speed and showing us who they really are.