Listening to a rendition of Leigh’s song, “Bar”, what stands out is the energy that emanates from her clear, powerful voice and vibrant persona. It’s a wonderful combination.

The American singer / songwriter exploded into the scene at Nashville in July 2014 with her hit single “Put It In Your Pocket”. It debuted on Serius XM Radio, 59 on The Highway. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, where she lived for a long time, Leigh moved to Nashville in October 2012 and was quick to captivate audiences there with her attitude-filled modern country music. Her music takes you to the heart of friendships, summer-time fun and living life in the moment!

Leigh was recently signed on with Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Records and is currently touring the nation with The Zac Brown Band. The series is called the Breaking Southern Ground Tour. Unlike many of her contemporaries, Sonia establishes a bond with her audience easily and immediately with the sincerity in her ringing voice, soulful lyrics, excellent technique and sultry looks. Although Sonia stands at only 5’5’’, her powerful stage presence is pleasantly and entirely disproportionate petite stature.


Musical Roots and Influences

Sonia Leigh’s musical roots lie in country music. Both her granddad and father were musicians and songwriters. Sonia began showing an interest in music early in her young life. As a toddler, she would bang away on her father’s guitar which she learned to play watching and listening to her father sing and play. By the time she was ten, her old man had taught her strumming techniques and chords.

Her musical influences include a mélange of artists from different musical backgrounds, including The Grateful Dead, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Jackson Browne, Credence Clearwater Revival (CCR), Janis Joplin, The Eagles, Melissa Etheridge, Alabama and Bruce Springsteen. It is these influences that served as the foundation of what has become the distinctive sound of Sonia Leigh.


Professional Beginnings

Sonia has produced a wide selection of works over the years. Her first recording at the young age of 14 happened as a result of a family friend asking her to write a song. Upon hearing it, he immediately asked that a recording session be set up. Thus began a career that hasn’t seen a respite since.


Musical Journey

Sonia’s debut Remember Me came out in the year 1998. Following this, she has performed extensively as a solo artist and otherwise.

By the time her 21st birthday came around, Sonia had come out with two albums. Additionally, she has had performances all across the United States, both headlining and supporting acts including Kid Rock, Little Big Town, Sugar land, Chris Knight, The Zac Brown Band, Michelle Malone, Kristen Hall, Clay Cook, Jason Mraz, Ed Roland and Meiko.


Get more familiar with Sonia Leigh by watching the video to When We’re Alone